Ifo Master Agreement

The Independent Fiscal Office (IFO) has published an analysis of the costs of the collective agreement between the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 668 Unemployment Compensation (UC) Referees. The IFO is a national leader in the protection and promotion of faculty rights. The IFO/Minnesota State collective agreement ensures the participation of bargaining units and faculties in recruitment, mandate, promotion and school program decisions. Below, you`ll find a link to the current IFO contract, links to each chapter and a form to send questions about your protection under the IFO contract. This procedure does not replace other federal and regional laws, regulations and regulations, other higher education policies and procedures, or agreements and plans for tariff unit agreements and plans. This procedure is only intended for recruitment, screening and selection of IFO positions. The IFO wage placement process is not discussed. This higher education policy is established in accordance with the existing provisions of the collective agreements between Minnesota State Colleges and universities (MnSCU) and the guidelines of the IFO and MnSCU Board. This letter contains an analysis of the tax impact of the collective agreement between the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA), Non-Tenured Teachers Unit.

Until November 30 and May 31 each year, seniority lists for classified employees are published on all Bulletin Boards. The IFO/MinnState 2019-2021 treaty came into force on 10 January 2020. Salary increases and refunds will be included on February 14, 2020. This regulation must be ratified by the legislature before the end of the 2020 legislature, so that it can enter into force permanently. From the 21st GJ, there will be a single pay plan for all grades, Instructor through Professor. . The faculty is compensated for mentoring students during suspension or program closure courses. The comparison also takes into account changes to the short-term health, dental and disability insurance plans previously negotiated by the Labor Management Coalition on Health Insurance and follow-up negotiations at the AFSCME bargaining table. Changes to insurance include improvements in the dental plan and increased coverage for accidental deaths and dismemberments. Click here for more information on changes to health insurance.

. Compensation for the assessment of prior knowledge is increased to $50 per loan in the GJ21. . The first year of the service of teachers who are employed in the middle of a university year is no longer taken into account in the five-year trial period, so the teacher in the test unit has five full years to obtain his or her mandate. . Adjunct Faculty and Community Faculty Appointments who have taught 10 semesters will be awarded to the rank of Senior Adjunct Faculty and Senior Community Faculty. . Responsibility for the implementation of this procedure is entrusted to the Hiring Managers, the Chief Human Resource Officer and his (s) responsible (s) in collaboration with the Director of Affirmative Action and his or her agents. If guidance is given, teachers and community faculties may be compensated for their participation, with the amount of compensation set after the meeting and transfer with the local association. If if membership of the IFO voted 97% in favour of ratification of the regulation.