Indiana University Material Transfer Agreement

Appendix F is used when the receiving institution transfers derivative materials to BioSEND. For example, if a receptor requires peripheral mononucleated cells (PBMCs) to generate induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSCs), at least two IPSC aliquotes must be returned to BioSEND to be released. Appendix F contains the terms of this transfer. A research and development cooperation contract is a contractual agreement between the federal government and another agency. A CRADA is put in place when the federal government transfers something valuable to the university and there is substantial interaction on the work done under the agreement between the federal government and the university. If you work with the federal government, the government can issue a CRADA to the IU. A confidentiality agreement ensures that the exchange of information exchanged between the parties remains confidential and is used only for the limited purposes defined by the NDA. These types of agreements are useful when parties need to include confidential information in the initial discussions that are conducted to determine the potential for a future relationship. You need an NDA if your work requires the exchange of confidential information between the IU and another institution. We`re going to do quality tests on random dna maps. However, we do not have the resources to check each card. If DNA cannot be recovered from an FREI trading disc or if you have received the wrong clone, contact us at the

IU Southeast welcomes transfer students from JCTC and KCTCS! We offer two specialized programs to meet your individual needs. The Bridges Program provides guaranteed access to people referred to the JCTC or any other KCTCS institution for additional academic preparation. Crimson Advantage is an automatic transfer program that allows JCTC students to seamlessly travel to IU Southeast after graduating from IU Southeast with a bachelor`s degree. Learn more about these exciting programs! A team agreement is a contractual agreement between the university and one or more organizations that partner to offer a new collaborative research program to a major sponsor – often a federal agency or a foreign government agency – in response to a call for tenders. The co-team agreements determine the lead institution on the proposal as the recipient of the resulting funding. This organization generally grants the other institution a sub-mandate for its part in the proposed research. You need a team agreement if you are working with another institution on a proposal, whether the IU is the lead institution or the support institution.